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Now this is the right time for you all to learn the different online work opportunities available in the internet world. I understand that most of the people get cheated by the hyped get-rich-quick scheme programmes and fail to see the other opportunities which truly open the door to the successful work at home career. You all must be wondering what really is needed to work at home and earn pretty decent income. Here I am to educate you all with some of the best opportunities available worldwide. Please read each and every step carefully to understand how efficiently you can utilize the plans to make a successful career.

Important Note – Don’t change your mind after reading 1 or 2 plans thinking that it is not your cup of tea, trust me you will find it interesting, if you completely read all the plans carefully, you might find the best of all the plans for which you were waiting all these days. All you need to do is understand how you can implement all these plans to start your work at home career.

Plan – 1

Amazon Mechanical Turk -

Mechanical Turk is a market place for work. In this site all you need to do is register for free and start working right away. The clients give business and workers select the work according to their expertise and start working. If you click on the Hits available for you, you will see different types of works available for everyone, you can select the type of work that you want to do and start working. After the completion of work you have to submit the work accordingly as per the rules and regulation specified by the task giver. There is no need to bid for the work, everyone are allowed to do the work. The reward (money) which will be awarded will be specified for the each task under the task rules.


Here I am going to introduce you all to some of the genuine freelance website which hires freelancers and assign them online projects according to their expertise –


Get a Freelancer is a global outsourcing solution and freelance jobs website. This site gives you an opportunity to place a bid on various projects; you can choose to place bids on projects according to your area of expertise. It gives you opportunities to browse different projects and before placing the bid you can go through complete description and rules and regulations of the project.

All you need to do is register for the programme; initially you would obviously choose to be service provider. Read through different online assignments available carefully before placing the bid.

Note – You might feel that the assignments which are provided do not fit your area of expertise, however the advantage that we can take through this site is by placing bids on different projects some of the buyers will contact you directly either through emails or offline messages (by sending request) if they have any small projects and if they are in need of many service providers.



Script Lance is a service that connects programmers with buyers that need custom programming done for their websites. Much like an auction, programming projects are posted and interested programmers bid on them. Not only custom programming projects but also projects like data entry, article writing etc, and various projects will be available according to your expertise.
All you need to do is register for the programme; initially you would obviously choose to be service provider (programmer). Read through different online assignments available carefully before placing the bid.


1. Article Writing -

Are you all wondering how to make money writing article , you read it correctly , YES you can make decent income writing articles , you can make money from your hobby. Use your knowledge and creativity and write good articles on different topics and publish it; any day sharing your best practices would enhance yours as well as people’s knowledge. You can write your own articles or what you can do is you can rewrite articles which is keeping the meaning of the sentence same by making some modification to the words.

Example –

Original Sentence – We have to protect the earth not just for us, but for our future generations.

Rewritten Sentence - Protecting the earth should be each one’s core responsibility which would also help the future generations.

The above sentences are just an example how to rewrite the original article. You can make the article very interesting by using you creativity and style.

You all must be wondering what you should do after writing or rewriting the articles. Here you go, I will introduce you all to the best publishing sites where, you can write articles and publish it to make money online. Each site might have different criterion, therefore read through carefully to understand rules and regulations.

4 .

The below listed websites are user friendly and helps you earn pretty decent income. Please remember that you cannot earn all at once huge income, but this will help you learn and understand different techniques of earning money by consistently posting articles. Do not stop posting the articles just because you are not earning enough money; always remember that this will help you in long term. Once you post your article, it will be published where usually good number of visitors (traffic) come and view your article, every click on your article will help you make money. Initially your earnings might be low; gradually if you keep posting the articles you will see increase in your earnings.

Always remember “There is no one in this world who can earn money without any hard work, hard work will definitely payoff “.


1. Making Money Through Blogs -

This site gives you an opportunity to create free blogs and you can make money by promoting your blogs. Make sure that your blog has interesting and creative content which will attract traffic to view your blog.

Google ad sense is the best way to promote your blog – Guys this sounds simple but Google has very strict policies and procedures, it might not approve your account if the Google ad sense programme policies are not followed. If you want your blog to have Google ads , then ad sense would be the best programme , however for the ad sense to be approved on your blog , it should be optimized well ( blog should be designed well ) by using proper template , lay out and by following all the rules and regulations prescribed by Google.

If you do not want to associate your blog/site with Google Ad sense, then you can associate it with money making affiliate programmes. There are so many affiliate programmes through which you can make decent income. All you need is little time to understand how it works, once you get a hand on it, you will definitely be successful.

I would like to say you all that the reason why I am openly discussing all the ideas of making money without any fee or charge, is to help you all reach the stage of making money by working at home. All I am doing is sharing my knowledge with you all hoping that it might help you all to reach the stage of success. I am giving you all different and the best strategies to utilize it in a best possible way, your efforts will decide how well you will make use of it.

If you are thinking this is the end of all the plans to make money online. You are mistaken, just wait and watch I would be updating this site with different plans which will slowly and steadily help you increase your work at home income.

On the Top right hand side you be able to see different techniques ( Technique -1 , Technique -2 and so on..) Click on those techniques and understand other simpler ways to start earning online.

Keep watching to learn and understand different techniques of making money.

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